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04.04.2015 07:15 The feedback of this test has got me thinking and made me aware of things that I do possess, my ability to reason out things and view life which I have developed over the years. I found the assessment results to be 85% accurate. The knowledge/power that you have while making this test to visualize thoughts and personality is commendable. All the best to you!

02.04.2015 23:55 Dear Dr. Nelly Den,
I am professor of Psychology. At the onset let me Congratulate you for the detailed work on gauging one's personality. Your efforts and exhaustive literature review is commendable. The results were exactly according to my personality traits. I liked the way you have balanced the positives and the negatives with the compensator.

28.03.2015 00:33 I find this test shows about 80% accurate assessment of me.
All in all, I took about 10-15 minutes to answer the questions and I am quite satisfied with the assessment.

16.03.2015 11:55 Nelly Den,
Your book is brilliant. The concept is interesting. Thank you!

15.01.2015 10:14 'As a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist with twenty years' experience, I would found certain data in both: these articles and SECUNMIR that is new for psychological science. I am convinced that the author's profound development of Leonhard's accentuated personality concept will be of particular interest to English-speaking scientists and practitioners, since this productive concept has yet to receive the acknowledgement in English - speaking world as it deserves. Yet according to modern statistics published in various countries, every other person in the world can be classified as accentuated, i.e. located in unsteady borderline state between the psychological norm and neurological disorder.

Let me list the author's main findings:

1) For the first time, the accentuated personality characteristics described by Carl Leonhard have been complemented by well-described non-accentuated characteristics, i.e. ones faintly pronounced and reaching mid-level intensity.

2) For the first time, using the twin method and psychological testing, it has been established that twelve personality traits, both accentuated and pronounces on middle and low level, are genetically conditioned to a high degree. Thus the author refers to them as "natural components".

3) The continuum that is thus formed - from faintly pronounced components to mid-level and then accentuated ones on the borderline of norm and disorder - allows a new approach to human personality. As a result of this continuum, SECUNMIR -TEST contains thousands psychological reflections, or portraits.

4) For the first time, the author developed a system of psychological compensators that dilute accentuation. These are certain both accentuated and non accentuated natural components inherent to the given individual.

5) The same questionnaire (102 questions) that was used to reveal the natural components served as basis for special PATTERN that contains twenty four psychological parameters. These are various professional and psycho-erotic inclinations, models of interpersonal relations, and predisposition to depression and other disorders. As a result, the testee receives highly individualized information on his or her psychological characteristics (12 natural components + 24 PATTERN characteristics).

6) According to the SECUNMIR TEST, no its characteristics are set in stone. Specifically, the natural component testing results fluctuate within 1 - 2 points, while PATTERN results do so within 15 to 20 %. This makes the SECUNMIR methods as fluid as life itself and does not turn the testing results into a verdict of life.

Of special interest is psychological analysis of Hamlet, where the author uses SECUNMIR test to reveal his personal characteristics. As a result, what we have is a literary essey of sorts, which resolves important psychological, moral, philosophical, and religious issues. It is especially interesting to read about the author shifting the accent from the traditional TO BE OR NOT TO BE to WHETHER 'TIS NOBLER.

'All the conclusions in the book are well-argumented and thoroughly tested. As you read, you feel that the author substantiates her conclusions not for reader alone, but for herself as well. I am refer to the extensive quoting of Shakespeare in the chapter on Hamlet and the thirty-seven chapters dedicated to various natural components. In order to locate the quotes , the author had to conduct a great deal of research and profoundly immerse in Shakespeare's world.

'I am convinced that SECUNMIR TEST is a quality psychological tool that can and must be widely used for prevention purposes, as it presents the tested reader with a finely individualized and useful book. It should also be widely used as a practical tool by psychologists, psychotherapists, and other specialists in human problems.

'In conclusion I should note that Dr. Den, a practicing physician, embarked on extensive research on the basis of her own scientific idea - all of her own, without grants or any other support - and brought it to fruition. In fact, she has created a new psychological test that in many aspects surpasses various other personality tests."

01.01.2015 10:12 I took this test twice, the first time using my nickname. It has presented me very effectively. When I took the test the first time, I concentrated and did it with seriousness and I feel the results were 90-95% very accurate about me.
This is an excellent test, probably the best I have taken.
Your effort in putting together such an indepth test, is commendable. I have read the traits that belong to me and will read the others too soon. I will also like to re-read my results and introspect/analyze the findings.
Excellent work! Thanks.





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