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НОВАЯ "Memento, Книга Перехода" (электронная книга)
Университет Уверенности: Проблемарий


Dear English-speaking Friends,




From the moment I launched my website I started receiving requests to have my books and articles translated into English. Some things have in fact been available in English for a long time now, thanks to the efforts of a number of people who have chosen to translate them. In particular, Inna Kogan, a US citizen, translated some of my poems and they are published in her book ‘On this Path’; they can also be read on Inna’s page on my website.


My colleagues and I are currently working on an English version of the website. In the meantime, I would like to offer you extracts from the translation of ‘In Touch and in Tune’ (‘Iskusstvo byt’ Soboi’), a highly complex task that was started over twenty years ago. Although ‘In Touch and in Tune’ has undergone many editions in Russian and has been translated into 26 languages it has not appeared in English until now. It has been translated by Michelle MacGrath who, as a trainer, teacher and poet, is no stranger to practical psychology.


Thanks to the accessibility of publishing afforded by the internet, Michelle and I have decided, before its paper publication, to publish her translation of ‘In Touch and in Tune’ on her page of levi.ru. Some of her poetry can also be found there.




The book 'In Touch & In Tune' is now also available on Amazon.com.


SUM-test by Nelli Den is now available in English.


If you would like to contact me with comments about the book or with any questions please use my email address: letters@levi.ru.


Any donations towards this or future publications and the upkeep of the website can be made via PayPal at: levi.projects@gmail.com. Any donations, however small, will be used directly for this work and I am grateful to anyone who would like to contribute to our common cause.


Thank you and till we meet again!




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